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Understanding Of the Server Status Checker results (HTTP Server Status Codes)

What is HTTP Protocol?

HTTP is a protocol. Its full name is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. There are some rules for communication on the Internet and with the help of those rules all connections are possible and these rules are called protocols. 

This protocol helps in accessing the content from the web server to the user's computer. When an internet user demands any web page, then his request goes to that web server and then that web server sends that web page from its stored data to the browser of that user's computer, then HTTP Protocol is used for all these. It is needed so that communication between a user and a web server can be established properly.

What is HTTP Status Code?

HTTP Status Code is a 3 digit code, which is sent to the web browser by the server of a website. Whenever you open a website, your browser sends a request to the server of that website and then that server responds to the browser with a 3 digit code called HTTP Status Code.

HTTP Status Codes are a type of response codes that indicate a specific error or message. There are 5 standard categories of these HTTP Status Codes and there are 3 numbers digits in this code. Out of which the first number represents any one class out of 5 Standard Classes. So let's understand them in detail and in easy language.

Language or language was the greatest invention of man. Because of language, we humans could move ahead of other animals, because we can learn from the mistakes of humans born before us due to our language. When the caveman learned how to make fire, we didn't have to do it again. So language is important but hint is older than language. Language is artificial, we have made it, but gestures are natural.

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The gesture is not detailed, it is quick, it explains things immediately, so that you get ready for what is to come. When you used to misbehave in front of the guest who came home, in childhood, father's eyes used to tell what was going to happen next. Gestures are necessary because sometimes we do not have time to say the whole thing. These HTTP Status Codes are also signals between computers.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which acts as a request response protocol. When the client sends a request to show this page, the server has to respond in return. Now the server which will give the response will have a Status Code which will tell what happened to the request made by the client, what it has done and along with it there will be information.

If you want to see on your browser then you search on the browser and click on that link. After clicking, a request goes from your browser to the server of's server will respond to the request, in this response there will be a Status Code which will tell that yes the request has been received and it is being processed. These Status Codes are already fixed, they mean the same for all computers. They are so small that their transfer does not take any time, does not require any special bandwidth and computers come to know, the browser comes to know that now the work is going to be done.

Types of HTTP Server Status Codes

There are 499 types of HTTP Status Code. We will see about some status codes which are necessary from the point of view of SEO.

1xx = 100-199

This type of HTTP status code is called informational status code because it means that the server has received the request from the client and the server is processing the request further.

2xx = 200-299

This type of HTTP Status Code is called successful status code because this code tells that the request of the client or internet user has been successfully completed and the web server has completed the request of the client without any error.

3xx = 300-399

These HTTP status codes show redirection. This status code is used when a URL redirects to another web page.

4xx = 400-499

This type of http status codes tells the error of the client side. When the client removes any of its web page, this error is called 404 not found or the server is unable to fulfill the request due to other errors of the client, then this status code is used.

5xx = 500-599

This http status code shows server side errors. Due to any kind of error in the web server, the request of the client is not fulfilled by the server, then this status code is used.

Status Codes Codes starting with 100 are not useful for any SEO purpose, so we will ignore them. There are no very important codes even in the codes starting from 200. The only status code you will see in 200 family is 200.

What is 200 Status Code?

Status Code 200 means that whatever request the client has made has been successful. Whenever a browser wants to visit a link and the server gives it a 200 response code, it means that the page will be loaded and the visitor will see that page.

300 Status code Family

What is 301 Status Codes?

Status Codes 301 means Permanent Moved, when the server gives this code to a client ie browser, it means that the content on this link has been Permanent Shifted to another link. The server also provides that new link as well. On giving 301 Status Code, search engines shift that original linking single, page rank, etc.

What is 302 Status Codes?

Status Codes 302 means Found, its practical use is to tell the search engine that the content it is looking for on one link has been found on another page. But this is temporary and they do not need to shift the rank of that page or any other ranking signal to the new link immediately. So 301 means Permanent Moved and 302 means Found. But it is used in temporary moved.

What is 303 Status Codes?

Status Codes 303 means See Other, 303 also passes the ranking signal of the search engine like 301. But it can be used only in limited places. This is only used when you don't want to send the user back to a page. Example: Contact Forms, if a user presses the back button after filling any form, then that form can be filled again. To avoid this, you can send that website to another page on such action. 303 cannot be used like 301.

What is 304 Status Codes?

Status Codes 304 means Not Changed. Browsers keep the website page cached and whenever the user wants to see a page that is saved in the cache near the browser. So the browser shows the same cached version. It is possible that the page on the website has changed, if the browser is visiting a link and the server is giving 304 Status Codes, it means that the content has not changed yet and the browser is saving it.

400 Status code Family

What is 401 Status Code

We use Status Code 401 when authentication has to happen on a page. For example, to access a page, a combination of Username and Password is required or if a particular IP address has been blocked by the website, then the server will give it a 401 Status Code.

What is 403 Status Code?

Status Code 403 means Forbidden, that is, the user cannot access that URL. 401 and 403 Status Codes are sometimes confused with each other. If the user needs to log in to access one of the pages, which he has not yet done, then the server will give him a 401 status code. On the other hand, if the user has given Username and Password but it is wrong then he should give 403 Status Code.

What is 404 Status Code?

Status Code 404 which is quite famous, which means Not Found. Whatever the user is looking for on the website is not on the server. This is not server error but client's error. Because it is the responsibility of the user to type the correct URL. The server can only serve what he has. If any asset is on the server but still the server is giving 404 status code then it is developer's fault or there is a bug which needs to be resolved immediately.

What is 410 Status Code?

Status Code 410 means Gone, ie if there was a page that you have removed. So you can give 410 Status Code for that link. This code tells search engines and browsers that this page was once there but has been removed. By looking at this Status Code, search engines quickly remove such pages from their index. If you want that the ghosts of your old pages should not appear in the search results, then you should start serving 410 Status Code for such URLs. Search engines will very quickly remove it from their index.

What is 429 Status Code?

Status Code 429 means "To many requests". When you give this status code to a client or browser, it means that the browser is sending too many requests to the server in a short time. Using this Status Code, search engines can tell Google bots that they are crawling at a very high speed, they need to slow down Crawling. So that your website does not become slow for Human visitor.

What is 451 Status Code?

Status Code 451 is used when any content of your website is removed due to legal reason.

500 Status code Family

All error codes starting from 500 family i.e. Status Codes are related to server issues. We will see only two status codes of this family, 500 and 503.

What is 500 Status Codes?

Status Codes 500 means that the server has not been able to complete the client's request, it does not have any other information. You should contact your Hosting Provider on getting 500 Status Codes, or if you are using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) then you should see if it is setup correctly?

What is 503 Status Codes?

Status Codes 503 means that the server is currently unavailable but will be available after some time. This Status Codes can also come when the website is on maintenance mode or if your server is not able to handle the traffic and is getting busy due to traffic load, 503 error can also come. This means that you need to talk to your hosting company.