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As we know that when a hacker targets a website, he first extracts the basics of that website, who is the owner of that website, from which server the website is hosted, etc. Whois is the best method to get all these basics information.

What is Whois?

Whois Checker

Whois is an online Internet Protocol or Widely Used Internet Record Listing, with the help of which we can get information about the owner of any domain name and its validity. Along with this, with the help of Whois, we get complete information about Domain and Sub-Domain. Whois tells us whether the domain you are searching is available or not? If that domain is not available then “No result found” will appear in the search result.

Why is WHOIS used?

Whois is used to detect fraud in the workplace. Such as Fraud Domain, Credit Card Fraud, Fraud Entry, Fraud DNS Detection etc. Using Whois, you can get all the information about the domain, such as whether the domain is real or not, which increases the confidence of the user about the domain.


Whois record records information related to the domain name such as registrations, updated or expiration data of the domain. Three contacts have been included in this. He collects the information of all three separately, such as registration, admin, or technical. When it is registered, Whois keeps its name, address, phone number, email information in duplicate.

Benefits of using WHOIS

  • Security Issue: When our website gets stolen or someone attacks our website. So with the help of Cyber ​​Security we can save it.
  • Network Information: Many times we need Network information DNA, Name server etc. Then we get all the information with the help of Whois.
  • Maintain Domain Name: With the help of Whois, we can maintain a new domain. If you want to get a new domain, then with the help of this website, you can search your domain whether that domain is available or not.

What is WHOISGuard?

You must have understood the meaning of Whois, it provides all the information about an online website. Now it comes to whoisguard whoisguard protects the personal information of our website from being displayed in the public database, that is, it protects our personal information from being stolen.

What can be known from Whois?

Through Whois we can find out the following things:-

  1. About Domain's Organization, City, State etc.
  2. Contact information of Domain Owner.
  3. Domain's IP address
  4. How long is the validity of the domain.
  5. Information about the name, address, email or state of the domain is available
  6. On which server is the domain.
  7. What is the IP address of the domain.
  8. What is the Name Server of Domain.
  9. What is the status of the domain?
  10. When did the domain update happen?
  11. When has the domain been updated?
  12. When was the domain registered?

Who is the owner of the domain and in whose name is the registration done?

Whois is a type of query and response protocol. whois is a type of database that is maintained by internet registry. In which the domain name of the website, the details of the domain register user such as the user's name, phone number, email, address, IP of the website, when the domain was registered, when it will expire, etc. Also All this information is stored in the whois database.

How to use Whois?

  1. First go to your browser and type whois.smallseotables.com there
  2. Now you will see the Whois Lookup box on the screen, type the URL of the website you want to know about and click on search.
  3. Now a new page will open in which you will get all the information related to that domain.

There are many ways to extract information from whois database such as: –

1. By command line :-

  • command:- whois website_name
  • for example :- whois www.google.com

2. Through any online service :-

  • To extract information about a website through online service, you will find many online websites, one of which is whois lookup.
  • First of all type in google "whois lookup" and then click on the first domain url.
  • Then a page of the whois lookup website will open in front of you, then search by writing the URL of the website whose information is to be extracted.

3. From whois tools :-

To extract information about a website, you will find many tools, one of which is smartWhois.