Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software Review

12/10/2022 12:00 AM by Small SEO Tools in Reviews

Copyscape such as suppose that you have written an article and you know exactly how many such words or paragraphs are there in that article which come in Plagiarism and you have also published that article on your website, then in this situation In Copyscape Tool is going to prove to be the best tool for you.

Because you do not need to insert paragraph in this tool, you can just enter the URL of the gender of your post. And after that this tool will tell you that how much percentage has been copied in your article and from where it has been copied and the biggest thing is who has copied it. All this Detail is visible in front of you, but in this tool you can also see some Limitation like inside it you can use only 5 or 6 times from a domain within 1 month.

If you want to use more than this, then you may need to pay some money for this, but let me tell you, if you want to use it for free, then you can create a new blog on your blogger with a new domain. And in that blog you can put your article for which you want to check Plagiarism, after that you can check the gender of this article by putting it in this tool, how much Plagiarism it is, you can use it for free in the same way.

How to know Content Originality from Copyscape?

Today we are going to talk to you about Copyscape Plagiarism Tool. What is Copyscape? And with this how do you check the originality of the content in your blog?

You must have heard that Content is King and for SEO we should write original and unique content. You can find out how unique your content is and who is copying your content in a few seconds through Copyscape.

Google or any other search engine considers copied and duplicate content as spam and never ranks such articles. In such a situation, Copyscape helps you to check the originality of your content and to detect who is copying your content.

How to use Copyscape?

  • Copyscape is a great option among all the tools available online free to check Plagiarism. You can use Copyscape tool in both free and premium versions. If you are a beginner, then you should use its free version only.
  • The homepage of the Copyscape website will look something like this as shown.
  • By entering the URL of your blog in the search box given here, you have to click on the Go button.
  • If your content is original and no one has copied your post, then it will show you something like this (No result found).
  • Copyscape provides limited scan for free per month for every website. But if your content is copied or your content is copied by other websites, then you will get such a result show. As well as, you also get Free Comparision Tool, using which you can also compare two different URLs or two different content.

Whatever matched content will be there in both the URLs or both the articles, it will highlight and show you. Here 89% of the content in my Item 1 is matching with Item 2, similarly 69% of Item 2 is matching with Item 1.

Q: When we see Matched content in Copyscape searches, does it mean that your content is stolen?

Ans: No, Copyscape searches only shows you similar content which is available online. But this does not mean at all which content is original and which is duplicate.

May be your content is original or what is showing in search is original content, you cannot detect it for free, for this you have to use Copyscape Premium.

There are two such tools in Copyscape for which you have to pay, one is Copyscape Premium and the other is Copysentry.
Copyscape Premium- In this you will get to see unlimited searches as well as unlimited results. Even if any of your content is offline, you can check its originality.

Copysentry - This service scans and monitors your content on daily and weekly basis and if anyone tries to copy your content in the internet, it sends notification to you through mail.

Note: I would recommend that after publishing a new post on your blog, you must use Copyscape to check the originality of that content. Especially those whose Adsense account gets disapproved due to content, before applying for Adsense, check the originality and uniqueness of your blog by putting the URL of your blog in Copyscape's search.

Once you find out which website or blog is copying your content, then you can take legal action against it and remove that site from Google searches.

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