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The way we humans are named. In the same way these websites are also named. Which is known as the Domain Name System.

What is a domain name?

In the early decade of the Internet, Domain Name was invented in the year 1983 by "Paul Moukapetris". There is an IP address behind any domain (website name). This Domain Name is also known as DNS (Domain Name Server).

After updating DNS, a website is live on the Internet. An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is in a mathematical format (Numerical). From the IP address, a web browser gets to know about the current status of the website, on which computer server's IP address this website is currently stored.

Now you are thinking that what is the relation of IP address with the name of a website?

Actually, usually we find it easy to identify a person's name or an object by its name. In the same way, instead of remembering the IP address ( of a website, we easily remember the domain name of that website. Therefore, the IP address of a website is a Human Readable Version (human readable version).

A domain looks something like this after the IP address.

Convert Domain name into IP Address

Now the question comes that how do we check the current IP address of a website?

At present, many websites and online tools are available. Using which we can find out the IP address of a website. To check any website IP address, you follow some easy steps given below.

  1. First of all open your the default web browser like chrome or mozila on your smartphone or computer.
  2. Now type this URL – in the search bar.
  3. Now after the website is open, go to the Tools section and select the tool named "Find IP Address".
  4. After that search by typing the name of the website in the search box.
  5. The IP address of the website being searched will appear in front of you.

How works DNS?

The DNS system translates IP addresses into human language. IP address is based on numbers DNS System converts numbers into human language so that while web browsing the user can do browsing or surfing by directly typing the domain name i.e. website name. After knowing what is DNS, now you should know how many types of DNS are there.

While using the internet, we send and receive all the data from one place to another. Along with this, they make the data travel. IP address is used in this whole process.

what is ip address?

IP address is the identity of the user on the Internet. It is represented by numbers (0-255). Just as a home or office has an address, similarly a smart device that supports the Internet also has an address of its own. Which we call IP address. It is also called logical address. Means IP address is present on our smartphone, computer, laptop and other smart devices. And the full name of IP address is Internet protocol address.

Types of IP Address

There are four types of IP addresses – Public, Private, Static and Dynamic.

1. Public IP Address

When many devices together create a network, then there are two types of IP addresses between them, one is the public IP address and the other is the private IP address. When an internet service provider (ISP) provides an IP address to a network router, it is called a public IP address. Now whenever a device connects to that router, it will connect its private IP address with the public IP address of the router and its IP address will be hidden. That is, only the IP address of the router will be visible on the other end.

2. Private IP Address 

This is the address that the network router assigns to the device that connects to itself. Each device within the network is given a different IP address by which all the devices communicate with each other. Private IP address helps to keep your device and network secure.

3. Static IP Address 

As the name suggests, a static IP address is a static IP address that never changes. Such as network printer, CCTV camera or any website that you are hosting from home. For example, if you install a CCTV camera at your home and connect to that camera through internet on your phone while living anywhere, then the camera uses static IP address only. Because if the IP address of the camera is not static and is changing frequently then we will not be able to connect the phone to that camera.

4. Dynamic IP Address 

This means a constantly changing IP address. A dynamic IP address changes from time to time and is never the same. The commonly used IP address is dynamic, which is taken out of a pool of addresses and handed over to you. After some time it is returned to the pond and a new address is given. Dynamic IP address is more secure and private than static IP address.

IP address version

There are two version of IP address, IPv4 and IPv6, about which you will know in detail further.

What is IPv4?

It is called Internet protocol version 4, it has 32 bits and 4 octets. Its range is from 0 to 255. And 4 billion IP addresses can be generated in this. Example-

IPv4 Classes

There are 5 classes of IPv4 A, B, C, D and E.

  1. Class A – 0 to 126
  2. Class B – 128 to 191
  3. Class C – 192 to 223
  4. Class D – 224 to 239 used for multicasting
  5. Class E – 240 to 255 used for research

What is IPv6?

It is called Internet protocol version 6, it is an advanced and upgraded version of IPv4. It consists of 128 bits and 8 octets. Its range is from 0 to 65535. And 340 trillion IP addresses can be generated in this. Example- 3FBB:1806:4545:2:100:L8FF:FE21:P75

  • IP address usage
  • To install Internet using.
  • Filesharing.
  • Multiple devices connecting.
  • To install Local server host.

what is my ip address?

How to see your own IP address. For this, we have given below two methods. By following which you will easily be able to know your IP address.

How to find IP address in computer or mobile?

  1. First of all go to the web browser of your mobile or computer.
  2. After going to the browser, search in Google What is my IP.
  3. On searching you will see your IP address.

How to find IP address on computer?

  1. Press the Ctrl + R keys simultaneously on the computer keyboard. Run it will open.
  2. Type CMD in Run and press OK. This will open the command prompt.
  3. Now type ipconfig in the command prompt and press Enter.
  4. Now you will see your IP address.

Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6

IPv4 IPv6
Length 32 bits Length 128 bits
Total octet 4 Total octet 8
Range 0 to 255 Range 0 to 65535
4 billion IP address 340 trillion ip address
Example- Example- 3FBB:1806:4545:2:100:L8FF:FE21:P75

some important things

  • One IP address cannot be used in two or more systems.
  • In view of many shortcomings in IPv4, it was upgraded to IPv6.
  • Your IP address can be hidden by using a VPN.

Types of Domain Name

To buy a domain name, it is necessary to have knowledge about the main types of domains. Let us know about the types of main Domain Name.

TLD Domain

The full name of TLD is Top Level Domain. It starts with a dot in the last part of a website.

In the above site, .com is a top level domain, which helps to rank a site in search engines. Names of some popular TLDs.

label Description
.gov government institutions
.edu Educational institutions
.net network support centers
.com commercial organization.
.org non profit organization.
.inet international organizations.
.info To install information service provider.
.firm firms (businesses)

All these domains can be used for different purposes, in which .edu .info domain is used more for providing education and information on any subject in a website. However, we can register any domain from the Domain Name Service Provider as per our wish for our website.


CTLD (Country Top Level Domain) is used within a country. That is, these domains are used by people living in a particular country. Having good knowledge of the domain, you can tell after looking at the CTLD domain, which country's domain it is.

For example, .in is an Indian domain and only Indian people can access the website of this domain extension. Here below are some of the main types of CTLD domains.

  1. .br – Brazil
  2. .ca – Canada
  3. .cn – China
  4. .id – Indonesian
  5. .in – India


Subdomain is also known as Third Level domain. So this is a main part of the root domain. As well as it looks just like the root domain. After buying TLD domain, we do not need to buy any type of domain to create Subdomain.

For example subdomain of website

May be And we can also customize the Subdomain as per our requirement.

Apart from this, many types of domains exist in the present time, but the domains mentioned above are mostly used in the website.

Types of Domain Name System

There are 4 types of DNS servers.

  1. DNS resolver – DNS resolver is obtained by ISP (internet service provider).
  2. Root name server – It is controlled by 12 different organizations and is used all over the world. It is used to create informational pages. Example –
  3. TLD name server - In this server, the information of all domain names and websites is stored. Example- .com, .net, .in, .edu
  4. Authoritative name server – In this the IP address of the website is stored.

Difference between IP address and domain name

In What is Domain Name System, you learned that IP address and domain name play an important role in DNS. The function of IP address and domain name in DNS is the same. But IP addresses are based on numbers and it is a bit difficult to remember but domain names are based on names so it is quite easy to remember them.

What is Domain now? After knowing this, if you want to know how to buy Domain Name?

How to buy domain name?

  • While buying a domain, always keep in mind that the name of the domain should be simple and short so that people can remember your brand easily.
  • As we know, at present we cannot register any domain on the Internet. Therefore, select a different and special domain name.
  • If you want to teach something or convey information on any subject to people around the world through your website. So you will need a Top Level Domain. But if you want to create a website only for people within the country, then it would be appropriate to buy a country level domain.
  • Your domain should be related to your Niche (topic). For example, in the tutorialpandit website, topics related to "how to" are explained through tutorials. That means your domain name proves beneficial when it is associated with your business or work.
  • Along with this, at present there are many such websites online from where you can easily buy the available Domain Name. And always register your domain name with a better Domain Name Service Provider. ICANN ie The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an organization that gives the right to sell Domain Name to various Domain Name Service Provider companies. Here are the names of some of the main Domain Name Provider companies.
  1. Godaddy
  2. big rock
  3. namechip
  4. hostgator
  5. bluehost
  • And apart from this, by researching on the Internet, you can buy a domain name from any Domain Name Service Provider as per your wish.

How is Domain Name made?

You have come to know that what is Domain Meaning, but whenever you see a domain, you see some things along with it, that means you see the parts of that domain.

1. What is http and https?

There are protocols on the Internet, that is, there is a bundle of rules that every website has to follow and it is of two types, http and https.

http i.e. Hypertext Transfer Protocol and https i.e. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, their use helps to keep the website secure.

If your website is https, then it sends the user's data in the form of Packets, so that no one else can see the information, the user's data remains safe, which is done with the help of SSL.

2. What is WWW?

WWW i.e. World Wide Web, to understand it in easy language, understand that it is such a system in which all the websites or webpages connected to the Internet, their images, videos and links of data are stored in it.

We can access it through a URL ie link. There are many websites on the Internet and their data is stored in their own servers and their details, how to access them and how to show that one website in the whole world, are stored inside WWW and we With the help of URL, you can access from any corner of the world.

We understand it better as we used to use the dictionary of Phone Numbers a few years back. If we had to call someone, we used to find Pin Code or Number in it.

Our WWW is like a dictionary of these Phone Numbers, in which such Information Stores reside.

3. What is Name.Extension? Now you are looking in this, it is also divided into two parts, which is smallseotables, it is a name of the website and .com is the extension of that website.

You can choose the name and extension of the website accordingly. Now we will see how many types of domain names are there, so that we will understand better about the extension.


Q – What is the meaning of domain name?

Domain name is the name of a website present on the Internet through which the user can easily access any website.

Q – How many types of domain names are there?

There are mainly 3 types of domain names Like Top Level Domain, Country Code Top Level Domain and Subdomain.

Q – How much does the domain name come?

Domain names of different extensions come in different prices. If you want to take a domain with the most popular domain extension .com, then you can take a domain name at around Rs 600 per year. Although the price of the domain name also depends on the company.

Q – Why is a domain name required?

Domain name is required to make your blog or website on the Internet.

Q - Will the same domain name work for multiple blogging or will have to take a different domain name for each blog?

If you want to do Multiple Blogging then you can do it on the same domain. You can separate the article by creating different categories in a domain, or you can publish the article by creating a subdomain.