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Simply Enter a domain name or URL to get a result: The hosting company, IP, Datacenter, Location and Nameservers of any website.Find out who is hosting this website and where is it hosted.

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Domain hosting checker tool by to check which web hosting company is hosting website.

Running the Internet is a very easy task, but its use is not as easy as people think. Your one small mistake can do you a big loss. Many times when we see a website, the question arises in our mind that whose domain hosting provider is Whois Domain Owner, in whose name is it registered? This is such a question, the answer of which many people want to know, but if they are unable to find out, then you will find the solution to this problem in this tool.

If you work on the Internet, then many times such a website comes in front of you about which you want to know whose domain hosting provider it is or in whose name the domain is registered. The way to know in whose name the domain is registered is very easy but many people do not know it.

How to find out whose name is the domain?

If seen, the world of Internet is bigger than our world. There is a world of information in it, but people also hide their identity in it and do not want to tell whether they are the owner of the thing they have created or not. Well you can find out all this information. We are telling you its complete process step by step below.

  1. First of all, you go to the website named
  2. Now a search bar comes in it, on the side of which smallseotables is written, there you have to write the name of the domain.
  3. As soon as you search on it, all the details related to that domain will appear in front of you.
  4. In Details, you will know the details like Registar Site, Domain Expiry Date, Name Server etc.

In this, you can also see the details in whose domain hosting provider the domain is registered and what is its mobile number, provided the domain owner has not privatized it. Also many information are also visible in it, which you can see according to your need.

So in this way you can extract a lot of information about any website only with the help of this one website. By the way, there are many other websites on the Internet which give Domain Detail, but this website is considered very authentic. If you want to see through another website, then you will have to search on the Internet by writing Domain Owner, many options will be seen in front of you.