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If you check the SEO of your website, then you will be able to know about Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website.

What is Page Authority of website?

The way Domain Authority (D.A) gives information about the position of the website in the search engines (such as Google), what kind of status it has, exactly the type of page authority [P.A] one page of our website should be ranked in google tells the possibility.

To say in simple words,

Page authority tells how much rank Google gives to an individual page of our website in its search.

DA vs PA

The first comparison between domain authority and page authority of a website is that domain authority shows the possibility of the entire website being ranked in Google while page authority tells the rank of an individual page of the same website.

Usually the page authority of any website is higher than its domain authority. In most of the cases the comparison between these two is of 15 to 25 points.

What is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

There are many similarities between both Domain Authority and Page Authority, as both have been created by Moj, both are based on link profile, due to which many people remain very confused in both. But both of them are completely different from each other. I have told you the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority through the table below.

Domain Authority Page Authority
Domain Authority   tells the ranking ability of the entire domain in the search engine. Page authority tells the ranking ability of a particular webpage in the search engine.
Domain Authority is given more importance. Page authority is given less importance than domain authority.
To increase the domain authority, you have to work on the entire domain. To increase page authority, you have to work on the webpages of the website.

Which one is Best?

Usually both DA and PA metrics are measured on almost the same criteria but because your domain rate should be high to rank in google, therefore Domain Authority is considered a more valuable metric than PA. That is why it is also more popular than any other website metric.

Check Page Authority

Page Authority Checker : You can use Moz's official tool Link Explorer to check the page authority of the website. As well as, if you want, you can also check the current page authority of your website by searching "Page Authority Checker" in Google.

The second way is through smallseotables tool, this is one of the best SEO tools in which you can check various SEO metrics. Paste the URL of the website whose page authority you want to check here. And by ticking the box containing I am not Robot, click on the Check option. After this, this tool shows you the page authority of that website and various SEO metrics on the screen.

What is a Good Page Authority?

It is a question of many people that how much Page Authority should be there to get a webpage ranked. But there is no exact answer to this.

You have to first analyze how much is the page authority of the website which is ranking on the keyword on which you are writing the article. If you want to rank above them, then you have to make your page authority more than them.

Suppose if your page authority is 80 and the page authority of the websites which are ranking is more than 80 then even 80 page authority is not good for you. And if your page authority is 40 and the websites which are ranking at the top have less than 40 page authority, then 40 page authority is also very good for you.

But as I told you above that it is not right every time. You will find many such websites on the Internet which are ranking above websites with more page authority than themselves on a particular keyword.

How to Increase Page Authority?

MOZ has over 40 factors by which it assigns a Page Authority score to a website, known only to MOZ. But we have given below some of its important factors, with the help of which you can increase the page authority of your webpage.

1 – Making good Backlinks

One of the most important factors of page authority is Link Profile. The more Strong Backlinks the webpage has, the ranking of that webpage will also improve, and its page authority will also increase.

2 – Do On Page SEO correctly

Always do On Page SEO in a good way. On Page SEO is such a factor which is in our hands. The better we do On Page SEO, the more the ranking ability of our webpage will increase. The more webpages of a website rank, the more the page authority of the entire domain also increases.

3 – Regular updating

You should keep working on your website regularly. If you do regular work on the website, then later you will get its benefit. You publish new posts regularly, update old posts and keep making High Quality backlinks from time to time.

4 – Do internal linking

Internal Linking is a very important factor for the ranking of any website, because it passes the link juice and also reduces the bounce rate of the website. Due to which improvement is also seen in the ranking.

5 – Correct the loading speed of the website

You all must know how much speed matters in the world of internet. No user likes to visit a website that takes a long time to load. If your website takes 6 – 7 seconds to load, then it will harm you in ranking. Optimize your website in such a way that your website loads completely within 3 to 4 seconds.

6 – Make Mobile Friendly Site

Nowadays most of the internet people run on mobile. That's why it is very important for the website to be Mobile Friendly. A Mobile Friendly webpage is more likely to rank than a Non Mobile Friendly webpage. You can make your website mobile friendly by optimizing it, along with this you can use Google AMP to make the website mobile friendly.

7 – By writing great content

You can also increase page authority by writing your content better. While writing content, you can pay attention to some things which will help in increasing your Page Authority –

  • Write Interesting Content so that the user can read your entire content.
  • Explain well the topic on which you are writing content.
  • Your content should be helpful for other people.
  • Content should be easy to read. Avoid using words that are difficult and cannot be understood by the user.
  • Keep updating the content from time to time.

8 - Be patient

As a website gets older, its page authority also increases. That's why you need to be patient, you keep working regularly, surely your page authority will also improve.

Increase Page Authority

To increase the PA of your website, you should take care of some of the things given below-

Keep your website's backlink profile strong, that is, make backlinks on high profile domain authority so that your website's da increase, create both No follow and do follow hyperlinks. Do not create backlinks for your website by adopting wrong methods, otherwise your website will go into black hat seo.

Page Authority VS Page Rank

What is the difference between Page Authority and Page Rank?

Before 2013, page rank was an important factor to rank any webpage, because page rank was determined by Google itself. Due to which webmasters started focusing a lot on page rank instead of content to get the website ranked. That's why Google stopped giving page rank numbers after 2013.

Many people consider Page Rank and Page Authority to be the same, but there is a vast difference between these two metrics. We have told you some differences between Page Authority and Page Rank in the table below.

Page Authority Page Rank
Page Authority is a metric from MOZ that reflects a webpage's ability to rank in search engines. Page Rank is a metric of Google which tells the ranking potential of any website.
Page authority is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 Page Rank is measured on a scale of 0 to 10
MOZ still regularly updates Page Authority. After 2013, Google stopped publishing updates of page rank.