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According to a research, it has been seen that about 50% to 60% of visitors exit from those websites due to slow loading of websites and Google's bots feel that visitors are not getting the right information on this website, hence Traffic less is coming.

In such a situation, your website's ranking will be down on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). That's why it is very important to make the loading speed of the website fast.

How to Use Page Speed Checker (the Right Way)?

  • Step 1. Copy Website “URL”
  • Step 2. Open Website one of them.
  • Step 3. Paste “URL” and wait for few moments.

What is Website Speed?

Website Speed, when an Internet user clicks on a website, the time it takes for the website to load is called Loading Speed ​​or Website Speed. The loading speed of the website is of two types only; Fast Loading Speed ​​and Slow Loading Speed.

If a website is loaded in 2 to 3 seconds, then this speed is good for that website, but if that website takes more than 5 seconds to load, then this speed is not good for that website.

Because the loading speed of the website has a bad effect on both visitors and search engines. If you do not know the loading speed of your website, then I am giving the names of some websites below.

If you use WordPress, then you get the facility of Plugins there, but if you use Blogger, then you can easily check the loading speed of your Page Speed Checker seo online tool through these websites.

Why is it important to use a Page Speed Test?

Why is Website Speed important? : Website Speed is an important factor of SEO. Fast loading of that website is very important for the success of any website.

If the loading speed of a website is slow, then neither the visitors will like such website nor it will be able to rank on the website Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If the website speed is slow, then Internet users will leave your website and go to another website because no one has that much time, so you should increase your website speed.

Search Engines also give importance to Fast Loading Websites only.

How to Increase Website Loading Speed?

1. Use Compress Images and Videos

The reason for the slow loading speed of your website can also be the images and videos added to the webpage, so they should be optimized and added to the webpage.

By resizing images, reducing their height and width, and compressing, you can reduce its size and then add it to the webpage. You can also reduce the size of images with the help of Photoshop, Canva etc.

Similarly, do not upload videos directly to the website's server, because if you upload directly, then the size of the website increases and the website starts taking more loading. You can show video using Youtube on the webpage, which does not affect the website loading speed.

2. Install Light Weight Theme in Website

We install the best themes in our website to make it attractive, but do you know that these themes also slow down the loading speed of the website.

That's why you should select Light Weight Theme for your website which does not have much Animation and Images, Videos etc.

If you install Light Weight Theme in your webpage, then your website also starts loading fast, due to which the number of visitors also increases.

There are many themes available on the Internet, out of which you can select any good theme, but remember that use only Light Weight Theme so that the website speed becomes fast.

3. Do not install too many plugins

If you use Plugins, then you should know that even installing more Plugins slows down the loading speed of the website.

That's why you should install only those plugins which are needed more in the website, you should install at least plugins and those plugins which you are not using, then you should remove such plugins from your website.

So that the speed of the website can be increased. Because due to more plugins, there is an effect on the loading speed of the website, due to which visitors leave your website and go to another website due to slow loading of your website, due to which the search engine is also affected.

4. Use a CDN

CDN is very important in increasing the loading speed of the website. The full name of CDN is Content Delivery Network. When visitors visit your website, they are redirected to the Web Hosting Server from where your website is being hosted.

If more traffic comes on your website and all the visitors access the website from that one server, then the server gets overloaded and the loading speed of the website becomes very slow, in which case there is a possibility of crash of that server.

That's why CDN is used. CDN stores the contents of the website in all its servers to reduce the traffic load of the main server.

So that whenever visitors want to visit that website, they will be able to visit the website easily because of the server nearby, which will also increase the loading speed of your website.

5. Use less ads on the website

It is not considered good to have more ads on websites because it has a bad effect on the visitors of your website. A research has shown that visitors do not like more advertising websites and leave such website soon and go to another website.

So from this you can understand that if there is less traffic on the website, then how will the website rank in the search engine and loading speed of the website is also affected by more advertisements, so you should use at least ads on your website.

6. Enable Cache

If a website enables Cache, then the loading speed of that website becomes fast because browsers cache a lot of information so that it does not take much time to reload that website.

Meaning, when visitors come back to your website again, the browser should not load that website again and load it fast. For this you can use YSlow Tool or any other tool. There are many tools available for this on the Internet. This cache gets included in the header of the website.

7. Remove Render Blocking JavaScript

When a Visitor visits your website, the Visitor's browser first downloads the External Codes added to that website only after that the Visitor can see the website's page.

These External Codes are called JavaScript, this JavaScript can also increase the speed of the website and block the rendering of the page. You should not use more External Codes in your website.

For this, you have to first detect these JavaScript with GTmetrix Tool and then fix them. If you know Coding, then you can inline them only by coding, you can fix them or if any script is not very important, then you can also remove it.

If you do not know Coding, then tools are also available on the Internet for this like; WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, SG SuperCacher, Sucuri Firewall etc. With the help of which you can easily fix and remove these JavaScript.

8. Minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

To make the website speed fast, it is very important to reduce the size of the website, for which JavaScript, HTML and CSS are also minified. Minify means to reduce the file size.

For this you can use Plugins like UglifyJS, CSSNano, YUI Compressor, JS Min, and Packer are the names of some tools, apart from this many more tools are available on the Internet. Out of which you can use any tool.

If you know coding, then without using any tool, you can minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS only by coding and increase the speed of your website.

9. Minimize Redirects

If the website has more Redirects then it affects the loading speed of the website. When a Visitor wants to visit a specific webpage, he searches by typing the URL, then its request goes to the website and then from there that Visitor is redirected to that webpage.

Simply put, when Visitor goes to a webpage, but that page is 404 Not Found Error, which is redirected to another page of that website, then two webpages are loaded here, but 404 Error Page is not shown and loaded. Only redirect is done.

In this way, the loading speed of the website becomes very slow, so you should use less redirects in your website so that the speed of the website can increase.

10. Choose better hosting

When you create a website, you also need web hosting. But you should keep in mind that hosting should not be too cheap because the servers of such web hosting keep getting down.

Due to which the traffic on your website starts decreasing and the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Pages is also affected.

That's why it is very important for you to choose a better web hosting for your website so that maximum traffic can come to your website and the chances of ranking in Search Engine can increase and your website can grow.

11. Choose Server Location Correctly

While taking hosting for the website, it is very important to choose the right server location. If you choose any Server Location without thinking anything, then it can have a bad effect on both your Visitors and Search Engine.

Therefore, keep in mind that the country you want to target, you should choose the server location around the same country. So that whenever the people there visit your website, the website can load fast.

With this, your website speed will also increase and you will also get good traffic, which will help in ranking on Search Engine as well.

12. Optimize the website's database

You have to optimize the database of WordPress website to speed up the loading speed of your WordPress website. If your website is very old then it is very important for you to optimize the database of your website.

In this database, the Website's Settings, Plugin Settings, Content, Pages, Comments, Theme Settings etc. are stored and it also includes Unnecessary Data, due to which the Website's Database increases and Website Loading Speed ​​becomes Slow.

There are many tools available on the Internet to optimize this database. like ; You will get many tools like Advanced Database Cleaner, WP Sweep, WP Clean Up Optimizer, WP Optimize etc.

From which you can use any tool and by optimizing your website's database according to your own, you can delete unnecessary data, which increases the loading speed of the website.

Difference between Website Speed and Page Speed?

Now you must have understood that what is website speed? and how to increase Website Loading Speed. Let's talk now, what is the difference between Website Speed ​​and Page Speed?

The time it takes for the entire website to load is called the loading speed of the website and the time it takes for a particular page to load is called the loading speed of the page. There are many tools available on the Internet using which you can do Speed ​​Check.

If you want to check the speed of the website, then you have to type the domain name of the website in the search bar of that tool, so that you will get to see the speed of the website and when you type the URL of a particular page of a website, you will get the speed of the page. Speed ​​is visible.