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The free Pagespeed Insights Checker lets Make your web pages fast on all devices. Smallseotables is a free tool to test and monitor your page's performance.

What is Pagespeed Insights?

Page Speed ​​Insights is a tool created by Google, with the help of which we can check the status of loading speed and performance of our website and also get suggestions on this tool to rectify all those errors.

When you analyze the URL of your website by putting it in Pagespeed ​​Insights Tool, then what is the loading speed of your website and what is the performance of your website, what are the shortcomings and how to fix those shortcomings, this tool should provide you all this information.

We are shown the Pagespeed score of our blog or website between 0 and 100, in which 100 means your website is loading fast and zero means slow, but it is not that your website score is 100 on this tool. It is not at all the case that all your pages will start ranking in the top in the search engine.

There are many factors to rank our page in the top in the search engine, only speed does not matter, but along with improving other factors, we also need to improve the loading speed of our blog or website.

Google Pagespeed ​​Insights gives us information about our blog or website that you have to fix the loading speed and performance of your blog or website by improving which shortcomings.

Whether your blog is on Blogger or WordPress, we should keep the loading speed of our blog in the right direction and our effort should be that the loading speed of our blog should be fast so that it can be loaded as soon as possible.

Meaning of the results shown on Pagespeed Insights

Now we will know the meaning of all the results shown here by analyzing the URL of our website in Pagespeed Insights Tool, for this you first open Pagespeed Insights tool in your browser, as soon as you open its interface in your mobile or computer Will appear as shown in the picture below. (see picture below)Pagespeed Insights Checker

Now enter the URL of the home page of your blog or website in the enter web page URL here and click on the button of Analyze It on the right side, then wait for a while.

After a while, this tool will show your blog's loading speed and performance result for mobile device below, if you want to see for desktop, then click on the icon of desktop in the top left side. (see picture below)

  • In Desktop :


  • In Mobile :

smallseotables mobile

In my case my website loading speed is showing 95 for desktop i.e. it is absolutely perfect but for mobile it is showing 50 which means i need to increase my website loading speed even more for mobile.

Now you will scroll down a bit, then you will see the result of major test in Lab data section, in this section you will get 6 types of results (see picture below).

Page speed Insights Checker

First Contentful Paint or FCP

First result in Lab Data Section first contentful paint or FCP means when your blog is loaded in the browser, whatever content appears first, be it image or text, it is measured from the time of first contentful paint, this is your website doesn't have full loading time for example my website's FCP is 0.5cm which is perfect (see picture shown above)

Time to Interactive

Time to Interactive in Pagespeed ​​Insights is the time when someone opens your website and how long the main part like image text etc. is loading in your website, for example Time to in the picture shown above of my blog. Interactive is 0.5 and it is absolutely perfect.

speed index

Speed ​​Index time means how long your blog is loading, that is, when someone is opening your blog, then the time to load all the content on your blog, for example, my website in the picture shown above. Speed ​​index time is 1.7 cms.

First CPU Idle

First CPU Idle is the time when your site is not fully loaded but some elements are yet to load and this time is called First CPU Idle.

time to interactive

Time To interactive is the time when your site is fully loaded and the user can use any element or button in that page.

Max Potential First Input Delay

First Input Delay or FID is the time when the user clicks on a button link or image on your site, then how long is it taking for that button link or image to open as soon as clicked. The minimum time it takes to load FID or FCP is said to be in the perfect direction for your site's speed and performance.

Now, if you analyze your blog or website in Google Page Insights, six out of six results are not coming in Lab Data, then to improve them, all those measures are mentioned in Opportunities below Lab Data, by which you can get all these results. can fix.


Reduce the server's initial time to respond

In Opportunities, Reduce the server's initial time to respond i.e. how many seconds is the initial time taken by the server to respond, if it is taking more time, then Google has told the solution to reduce it in this section and for this some wordpress plugin Suggested you can solve this problem with the help of these plugins.

Correctly Sized Image

In the second number, Correctly Sized Image i.e. the reason for the high loading speed of your site has been explained as the large size image and here it is suggested that you should use the smallest size image to save your data.

It is told here that compress the image and here some WordPress Plugin have been suggested, using which you can convert the uploaded image on your site into a smaller size.

My suggestion is that whenever you upload an image in your post, keep its file size within 24 kb because using more plugins also affects the loading speed of our site or blog.

How to Use Pagespeed Insights Checker (the Right Way)?

  • Step 1. Copy Website “URL”
  • Step 2. Open Website one of them.
  • Step 3. Paste “URL” and wait for few moments.

Bonus point

When a visitor visits our site, the browser first loads the bottom part of our site and then gradually loads the top part, but the visitor sees the top part first.

That is, overall, when our site is open, whatever browser it may be, it loads the lower part of your site first, but the user needs the upper part first.

For this, you can tell your developer to save the upper part in a separate folder and save the lower part in a separate folder so that when someone opens your site, the upper part is first visible to the visitor and then By the time he reads the upper part, the lower part will be loaded automatically.

If someone comes to your site, then he starts reading from the top, does not run down immediately and if you are loading the upper part of your site by saving it in a separate folder, then there is no problem with the loading speed in front of the user. Will come and the loading speed and performance of your site will remain good.


So we learned here what is Pagespeed Insights, how to see the speed of the website, we should not run behind the score of Page Speed Insights, if you remove all the necessary elements from your site to score your site, then the score will increase. But then what will the user get.

As our blog or website gets old, the image tax and other elements on that site keep increasing due to which the loading speed of our site slows down. We have to optimize our website properly to teach our site's score in Pagespeed Insights and not remove elements to score 100.