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A reverse IP address test takes a website name or IP address pointing to a single server and searches for other sites hosted on the same server. Facts are gathered from search engine results, which are not guaranteed to be exhaustive.

What is Domain Name Space?

The top level domain falls in the category below the Root DNS domain.

For example – arpa .com, .in, .edu .tech .co .org .uk .us Internet domains are classified into different categories such as root domains or top level Internet domains.

There are three categories of top level domains which are explained as follows

  1. Geographical Domain - Domain names are interpreted using the two character country or region code, which is the ISO (International Standards Organization) example ".UK".
  2. Organizational Domain – The domain name that comes under this category is named using a three character code that indicates the functionality of the organization under that DNS domain, for example, “com”
  3. Reverse Domain - Reverse domain maps IP addresses and converts them into domain names. Such domains are named “addr .arpa”. The DNS namespace is similar to a computer's file system. The DNS namespace is a hierarchy of DNS domains and individual computer names that is similar in structure to a tree. Domain is not a computer, but a holding place to add computer names.