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An online Search Engine Spider Simulator to get lots of an idea about how a search engine sees your website data content.

An Internet crawler, or spider, is a form of bot that typically operates through search engines such as Google and Yahoo, such as Google and Bing. Their purpose is to index the content of websites across the Internet so that one's websites can appear in search engine results.

How it Works?

A lot of Data Content and Links displayed on a HTML webpage may not actually be visible to the Search Engines, Example Like. content generated through javascript, Flash based content, content displayed as images etc.

What is Web Crawlier / Spider / Bots, how do they work?

When you search any of your information in the search engine on the Internet and that information comes in front of you in a few moments, then how does it come, who brings this information in front of you, what is this Web Crawlier / Spider / Bots, how does it work do you do?

When you search for any information on the Internet like “What is smallseotables?”, then Google does not give you the answer to your question by itself, it takes the help of a program called Web Crawler/Spider/Bots to answer your question. It is said that Web Crawlier / Spider checks or scans the links, content, images of all the websites related to your question and sees that the content, link, image, title of which website is matching with your question and then your In front, the list of websites related to your question appears on your display-

Crawlier / Spider shows the same website related to your question in Google Index, which works on the Internet under Google's Algorithm, you can also call Google's discipline rules to Google's algorithm.

How do Crawler/Spider/Bots work on the Internet?

When you search on the Internet in Google search engine as Keyword/Phrase related to your question

For Example - “What is smallseotables”

So Google's search engine will take the help of Crawlier/Spider/Bots program to answer your question. Crawlier/Spider reads the source code of all the websites on the internet, that is, they do Crawling like – title, content, image related to your question in the website. , checks the link, then gets indexed in Google's Indexing Page, so that you get the answer to your question.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Note - On the Internet, Google indexes the same website on Google whose website link is submitted in Google's Web Master Tool / Search Console, that is, to rank or index your website on Google, you have to link your website to Web Master Tool. / Search Console has to be submitted, this is a free service.