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If your keyboard is broken, or your keyboard's Print Screen key is not working, you can still take high-quality online screenshots.

So if your KeyBoard is broken, or some Keys of your Keyboard are not working and you are not able to take Screenshot right now. Yes, it is also a matter that we can use the on-screen keyboard app, but by doing this we have no benefit because when we take a screenshot from the on-screen keyboard app, then the on-screen keyboard app will also appear in the photo. Means our Screenshot will not come completely clear.

To solve this problem, we have a great solution for you. In this, you will not need to replace or repair your keyboard as well. To capture high-quality website images, you have to use all these Internet Tools.

  1. smallseotables
  2. Capture Full Page
  3. Dunplab
  4. ScreenShot Guru
  6. Screenshot Machine
  7. Site-Shot
  8. Web Capture

small seo tables - Online website screenshot generator

Our first pick is smallseotables and it has a very clean design. You have to take Screenshot in this way- Enter the correct URL of the website you want to use, Solve the CAPTCHA, and click on the Screen Capture button. This website will generate a high-resolution PNG file for you in just a few seconds.

With this website you can take screenshot of many other things like photo galleries, social media pages, news articles etc. If that thing is present in the Internet and is accessible to the public, till then you can take a screenshot of it.

How to take screenshot in computer?

Computer and laptop have become very important in everyday life nowadays, as if without it there is no work, now in such a situation, we make some projects or do some such work, which allows us to do things working in the computer. Screen shot is needed, that is, whatever we are working, we need it in the form of a photo, now many people do not know how to take screen shot in computer or laptop. Take screen shot in computer and laptop Will tell you 3 ways by which you can take screen shot in any computer or laptop and use it for your work.

1. Take screenshot by shortcut

The first way to take a screen shot in any PC or computer system is by shortcut keys, yes, you can take a screen shot by pressing the shortcut key (Window + Prt sc) in the computer as soon as you open the window. After pressing the prt sc button, the screen shot will be saved in your PC, after that follow the steps given below to check where the screen shot is saved.

Steps to Screenshot with Shortcut Keys

  1. press window + prt sc button for screen shot
  2. Open My Computer
  3. now click on pictures
  4. now open the screen shot folder

2. Take Screenshot with Snipping Tool

The second easiest and best way to take a screen shot in a computer is the Snipping Tool, yes, if you have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed in your computer, then you will get Snipping Tool already installed in all these operating systems, this inbuilt software of Windows OS. The specialty of this software is that with this you can take screen shot of selected things.

Follow the steps given below to take a screen shot with the Snipping Tool

  1. Search Snipping tool by pressing the window button
  2. open the software and click on new
  3. hold down right click and select screen
  4. now release right click
  5. Now save the screen shot by clicking on Save

3. Take screen shot with the help of Prt sc and Paint

The third way to take a screen shot in a computer or laptop is with the help of prt sc and ms paint, for this you have to copy the screen by pressing the prt sc button, after that you have to paste it in paint and save the image. In this way you can take screen shot

Follow these steps to take screen shot from prt sc

  1. go to the screen and press the prt sc button in the keyboard
  2. Now open paint and paste it by Ctrl+v
  3. Now save the image by clicking on file

So these are the three ways by which you can take screenshot in your computer or laptop system, these methods are the best and simple method, all people use this method.