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If we put it in simple language, Web Browser or simply "Browser" is a type of application used to access or view websites. The most important thing to run internet is internet browser, it is also called web browser.

What is a browser?

A web browser is a software that helps you to view and use the content available on the Internet such as videos and audios, articles, images and games etc. available on blog websites.

Tim Berner Lee created the first web browser in 1991, which he named the World Wide Web. Nowadays, the WWW that you put before typing the name of any site, it is the same World Wide Web short form.

Meet the web browser used around the world. All these browsers have different features, on the basis of which users like them -


It is an internet browser built on Google's platform, it has its own distinct look, it works at a fast speed, many plugins are preloaded in it. It was launched in September, 2008. Later its mobile version was also launched.

Mozilla Firefox

It is a popular Internet browser about 10 years old, it was launched by Mozilla Corporation in the year 2002, Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser, supports all types of fonts, its Hindi version was also launched a few days back. .

internet explorer

This browser was launched by Microsoft Corporation in August 1995 with Windows 95, it made users experience the Internet for the first time.


In 2003, the Apple company specially prepared Safari for its operating system Mac, initially it supported only their computers, but later its Windows version was also launched.


Opera Software ASA launched a very fast browser in the year 1994, whose speed has not been able to beat till date, it is still the fastest browser.


The first Indian browser, it supports 12 Indian languages, apart from this, many such features have been added, which you will like. It is founded by Hidden Reflex, an Indian engineer (Mr. Alok Bhardwaj), launched in 2010. did. It is built on Mozilla's platform.


Which is the best browser?

The best browsers are Google Chrome and Fire Fox.

What are the functions of web browser?

With the help of web browser, you can run internet in your mobile.