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This is a free tool that you can check your site and check the redirection status whether it is good or bad, redirect checker tool allows you to get insight on URL redirects. To check whether the requested URL is redirected and to analyze its redirect path. Get details on complete redirection chains, analyze whether a certain URL is redirected multiple times.

we are going to talk about redirects, what do I get redirected. And also to know what is 301 Redirect, 302 Redirect. And this is very important from the point of view of SEO. I will tell you all about redirects.

What is redirect?

A basic definition is that redirect is the name of the past, the past is itself a word of the general word redirect. If the app is sending search engines or users from one place to another then it is called a redirect.

We technically redirect from two stars and there are others. But that will come in my next topic.

Type of Redirect 

  • 301 Redirect 
  • 302 Redirect 

1.  301 redirect --Moved permanently

  • We use 301 Redirect then, suppose you have a page, this is some address 1 of your page.
  • and This address me about 1 kw users and crawlers also know that user wo address 1 enters the URL and it reaches This page age your This address 1 page is temporarily down due to whatever Maybe if this page is not accessible for the time being?
  • Now the search engines and crawlers who come here or the users who come here, their content will not be visible here.
  • Now you people will be sent to address 2 page this is basically the foundation about redirector.
  • We say 301 Redirect has been moved permanently if the url of your page has been moved from address 1 to address 2 permanently.
  • In this case we will use 301 redirect.

301 redirect --Moved permanently

301 Redirect Example:-

  • Here is a URL and there is some content above it. Now this all content has been moved on URL2 equal to URL1 which is the crawler and the user who knows about URL2.
  • If they don't know then we will redirect URL1 to URL2.
  • Now as url1 will get lots of backlinks then this url1 will have very z value when we do 301 redirect tab url1's value is transferred to backlink url2 90 to 95%.

2.  302 Redirect -- Temporarily Moved

302 redirects me It happens that the URL is moved temporarily to another page it is a temporary sieve and later we will come from the URL to our url.

302 Redirect Example:-

  • We will transfer URL1 to URL2 using 302 redirects to temporarily move the US to URL1
  • And when does this happen when you guys are updating some of your website.
  • The value of URL1 will not be transferred to URL2. Because 302 redirect is used.

www Redirect Checker

[301 Redirect Checker] After redirecting your website with Es 301 Redirect Checker, you can find out that your redirect is done correctly.


Redirect is very important from the point of view of SEO.