What is IPTV and how does it work? - 21 Best IPTV Service Providers in 2023

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Hello, welcome to your GPSEOAGENCY. Do you want to know about what is IPTV ?, then today this post can be useful for you.

As technology changes so does the way we entertain ourselves. Friends, if seen now, radio has challenged newspapers, regular TV has challenged radio and now IPTV or Internet TV is challenging regular TV and I think IPTV is going to be of more use in the coming times. .

So have we ever thought that in future such a medium of Doordarshan may also come which is dependent on internet. As far as I think no one would have thought this in the time of antenna and radio but IPTV is one such medium which is dependent on internet.

Although cable and setup box TV is very popular these days. But few years back when we used to rely only on the outdoor rooftop antenna for broadcasting, catching radio signals and transmitting picture and audio to our TV. So hardly anyone would have thought of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) then.

Friends cable is connected to your home TV or set-top box and this cable comes from one of the TV station next to your house, where many big dish antennas are installed to receive broadcast signal from satellite.

Friends, on cable TV, you can change the channel as per your wish but you cannot record that program. Simply speaking, you cannot watch any movie, program etc. as per your wish on any channel, but only that program which is being broadcast by that channel.

But why can't you assign a program as per your wish? On this concept, the demand for IPTV (Internet Protocol TV, Internet TV or Internet Television) is increasing. From this article you will learn how IPTV works and how it differs from other TVs? So let's start-

What is IPTV?

Friends IPTV, which is also called Internet Television and Internet Protocol Television, is a very simple thing to watch normally. The broadcast signal of the IPTV program does not come through the antenna on the satellite dish, fiber-optic cable. Signal you have to stream (download and play from internet at the same time) using internet connection.

This means that audio-video can be sent through the Internet without any radio signal. You will need a broadband internet connection of 10-100 megabits/second per second so that you can run internet programs smoothly.

If you want, you can also enjoy Internet TV or IPTV on your computer. If you want to convert the existing TV into Internet TV or IPTV then you will need a separate set-top boss which will decode the audio-video from internet and send it to the TV.

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How does IPTV work?

To broadcast traditional TV, the program is converted into a radio wave and beamed over the air via an antenna. Another antenna on the roof of our house catches that wave and converts it into an electrical signal and your TV decodes and plays audio and video on that signal. But how does Internet TV or IPTV work?

In short, IPTV is more akin to browsing the Internet than traditional channel surfing. It only uses IP (Internet Protocol), a protocol that is a delivery mechanism to distribute video to viewers.

When a viewer clicks on a TV program or requests a video, the video from different sources (servers) is divided into data packets and sent over the Internet. The programs are broadcasted to the existing home via fiber-optic cable from the video server through an Internet connection. From the video you can understand what is IPTV and how it works?

Friends, now let me tell you in depth, today's cameras record almost everything in digital format, but if a program is an analog record then it has to be converted from analog to digital-first.

While converting the video, the video size is reduced so that the video can play without buffering even on slow internet connections and the video is encoded in the appropriate format. Most videos are encoded in the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats.

The video is then stored on a server. Your TV is first connected to the server through an IP address and the server software allows the TV to browse the video. Once a video is selected, the video is broken into several packets and sent over the Internet.

From a file download server to a simple web server or streaming server, as thousands of users can play the same video from different parts at the same time and each one needs to open a separate streaming link. But there is a problem, the Internet TV or IPTV channel you want to watch may be in another part of the world, in which case the data speed may be slow.

To solve this problem, content delivery networks or CDNs are used by IPTV broadcasters. CDN is a type of server where the exact copy of the original server is stored and this server network is spread across different parts of the world.

Let's say you want to watch Internet TV or IPTV from Canada, but you have a broadcast server in the US. Now if they use CDN then you will get video files of your choice from US from your nearest Asian CDN, it will get better bandwidth speed as server closer to your location faster data access is possible.

After this it is time to play the video on your TV. A set-top box is usually required to enjoy Internet TV or IPTV. Like Apple TV Box, or Amazon TV Box is connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable or WiFi and it receives video data packets from the Internet.

and reassembles the packets to reconstruct the video file. The box contains a decoder program, which decodes the video signal and transmits it to the TV and finally, the TV plays your video.

Internet TV or IPTV does not require a DTH Box, all the videos are decoded inside and the TV needs to be connected to the Internet directly. Friends, I hope now you have understood well what is IPTV – What is IPTV and how does IPTV work?

Today you know what is IPTV?

Although IPTV is still the latest technology, its demand is increasing day by day. Friends, let me tell you for your information that Kenona has now entered Internet Television or IPTV on mobile.

I hope IPTV will also grow with the progress of internet, but to make IPTV popular in our country, we have to increase internet bandwidth speed, reduce connection ping rate and reduce internet cost. So that in the coming time we can use new technology.

Friends, hope you have today's information about IPTV - What is IPTV and how does it work? Must have liked it. What do you think about IPTV, do tell us in the comment box. If you are interested in reading information related to technology, then definitely join GPSEOAGENCY. Thank you so much for reading this post!