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If you have never heard about Domain Authority before, then let me tell you that it is a kind of website score, which tells how much a website has the ability to rank in any search engine.

The higher the domain authority of the website, the higher its ability to rank, and the lower the domain authority of the website, the lower its ability to rank. But this is not true every time because Google has not told about Domain Authority and Page Authority in its Ranking Factor. Nor does Google know any such matrix.But big SEO experts believe that domain authority is also an important factor in website ranking.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is such a matrix, which tells what is the value of a website from the point of view of search engines. Domain Authority (DA) simply means the Reputation of the website in the search engine.

What is the Reputation of any website in the eyes of Google or any other search engine, it is calculated by the Domain Authority. Domain authority is measured on the Logarithmic Scale. Logarithmic Scale is such a scale in which less effort is required to get less marks, and more effort is needed to get more marks.

As it happens in school exams, scoring 1 to 20 is easy, scoring 20 to 40 is a bit difficult, scoring 40 to 60 is a bit more difficult and scoring above 60 is very difficult. This measurement of numbers is called logarithmic scale. On the basis of this scale, a website gets the number of domain authority.

who created domain authority?

Domain Authority has been created by MOZ, one of the largest websites of Search Engine Optimize in the Internet, along with MOZ has also created the Matrix named Page Authority and Spam Score. Recently in 2019, MOZ created a new update of Domain Authority which was named Domain Authority 2.0.

Although Google does not know what is domain authority, but it is also a factor to get the website ranked. There are 40 factors in MOZ's Algorithm, on the basis of which it calculates the Domain Authority of any website. All these are related to Factor Link Profile.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

MOZ has created 40 factors to assign domain authority, which are fully known only to MOZ. But following are some of its important factors by which you can increase the domain authority of your website.

1 – Creating Backlink

The most important factor of Domain Authority is Link Profile. The more Backlink you get from the High Authority website, the more your DA score will increase. To create backlink, you can follow some important tips such as –

  • Backlink should always be made from such a website whose DA is already good.
  • Avoid making backlinks on spammy website.
  • Make backlinks only from the relevant website of your Niche.
  • Focus on Quality of Backlink and not on Quantity of Backlink.

2 – Doing internal liking

When another post is linked in one post of the same website, it is called Internal Linking. Internal link is very important in SEO because it passes the link juice, and also by doing internal link, users stay on the website for a long time, which also reduces the bounce rate of the website, and increases the chances of increasing the domain authority. She goes.

3 – Writing High Quality Content

If you write a unique and high quality article with good content research, then the chances of your website to rank in the top on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) increase. Because you all must know that Google also says Content is King. If your content will rank then domain authority will also improve. That's why you should always write High Value Content for your blog.

4 – Website speed

Website loading speed is a very important factor for website ranking in today's time, because users never like to stay on website which takes lot of time to load, and search engines also give bad loading speed to website. do not give importance. If your website loads quickly, it will improve both your website ranking and domain authority.

5 – Regular updating of the website

You should keep updating your website regularly, regularly put new blog posts, update old posts, this will also improve the domain authority of the website, and the ranking of the website will also improve.

6 – Have to be patient (Must Important)

Yes, this thing is absolutely correct, you would think that if you have made your website today, then in a couple of months your domain authority will increase. But this will never happen, as your website gets older, of course your domain authority will also increase. But how long this time will be depends on your hard work.

Also, Google does not trust any new website that much, so it does not rank any website immediately. You also need to be patient to get a good position in the search engine result page.

What should be the DA to rank the website?

This is the most important question that often everyone wants to know that how much should be the domain authority to increase the ranking of any website. Let me tell you, it completely depends on which Niche you are working and who are your competitors.

Suppose you are working in such a Niche, in which such websites are already ranking, whose domain authority is more, then in such a situation, you have to make better domain authority than them to rank your website.

And if you work on such a Niche in which those websites are ranking whose domain authority is less than yours, then you can easily get your website ranked in that Niche.

I am giving a small example of real life so that you will understand better –

Suppose there are 10 children in a class, out of which you are also one. And you got 80 marks in the exam, 80 marks are very good for you, but if the remaining 9 children also get more than 80 marks, then the value of your marks will decrease. Means your number will have no value in front of those 9 children.

If other children get less than 80 numbers then the value of your number will increase. And you will stand first in the class. Similarly, domain authority also affects the ranking of the website.

How to check Domain Authority?

The best way to check the domain authority is Chrome Extension of MOZbar, which you can easily check the exact domain authority by installing it in your Chrome browser.

Apart from this, there is an SEO tool named smallseotables, from here also you can check the domain authority of any website.