Top 10 Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks and Traffic in 2023

10+ High Authority Guest Blogging Sites

Looking for a list of guest posting sites? You have come to the right place. I have listed guest posting sites sorted by Categories, DA and PA. then we are here we will publish your article with do follow backlink just at reasonable prices, we are accepting every category only porn, gambling and drugs is not allowed. If you want to add your blog submission sites in this list please contact us.

Blog Name Categories DA PA
Technology, General, Education 30 43
General, Technology 21 39
Technology, Careers, Education 10 23
Business, Technology, General 8 18
Small Seo Tables
Marketing, SEO, Technology 6 31
Guest Post SEO Agency
Marketing, SEO, Technology 7 14
General, Tools 5 10
Pincode Finder
General 5 11
Tools, General 49 33
Shatari Quotes
General 9 24
Guest Posting Sites
Marketing, SEO, Technology 21 31
Marketing, SEO, Technology 9 25
Marketing, SEO, Technology 9 1
Dot Net By Example
Technology 5 6

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What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is done for On-Page and Off-Page SEO Strategy with Search Engine Optimization, which is a very good and easy way to increase the authority of your blog.

When you submit a post by writing to another Blogger and he publishes that post on his blog and in return that Blogger gives you High Quality Backlink. This is called Guest Blogging.

Simply put, when you write a post and share it on another blogger's blog, it is called a guest post. In today's time, if you want to rank your blog on Tp in the search engine, then guest blogging is the best way, along with it Quality Backlinks are also available.

Free Guest Posting Sites

Referral traffic will increase on the blog, good relations will be formed with other bloggers, and high quality backlinks will be available for your blog.

Benefits of guest blogging

There are many benefits of Guest Blogging or Guest Posting, here we are going to tell about the benefits of Guest Post.

1. High-Quality Backlinks

You can also post a guest to create an Inbound Link, so that the creator of the blog where you are posting will give you a backlink in Author Bio, which is a good factor for SEO.

2. Improve Writing Skill

If you feel sorry to write. And if you make a small mistake in writing, then you can take the help of Guest Posting for this. So you can find a blog on your favorite topic and submit your written article on it.

3. For Branding and Authority

With the help of Guest Posting, you can promote your Brand and Business. For this, you can give information about your products and services to people by posting guest posts on blogs similar to your brand and business.

Submitting a Guest Post

Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Guest Posting : While posting a guest, it is very important to keep some things in mind. So that you do not make any mistake while doing Guest Posting.

1. Check Domain Authority

First of all, you should see the Domain Authority of the website on which you are going to do Gust Posting. Domain Ranking Mechanism, which is combined by Moz, ranks MOZ website on the basis of 1-100 Scale. Try to submit Guest Posting only after checking Domain Authority from MozRank.

2. Do Traffic Analysis

Guest Blogging Sites are very important to increase traffic on your blog, you should do Guest Post on such a website which has maximum traffic. Due to which traffic will increase on your website as well.

3. Selection of Similar Niche

You have to find the topic related to your blog on which you want to write a blog. Post a guest post on a website that is similar to your Niche Websites.

List of Search Queries to Find Guest Posting Sites.

  • "write for us"
  • "want to write for"
  • "this is a guest post by"
  • "submit your content"
  • "submit post"
  • "submit news"
  • "submit content"
  • "submit blog post"
  • "startup funding"
  • "guest posts wanted"
  • "guest post"
  • "guest blogger"
  • "guest article"
  • "contributing writer"
  • "contribute to our site"
  • "become a guest blogger"

For Categories, you can add category name along with this query

  • "write for us" Health
  • "write for us" Finance
  • "write for us" Education
  • "write for us" Eassay Writing

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High Domain Authority

  • Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

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How to find Guest post site on Google?

Here is an exhaustive list of search strings you can use to find the best guest posting websites:

Keyword “guest article” Keyword “write for us”
Keyword “guest post opportunities” Keyword “contribute to our site”
Keyword “contributing writer” Keyword “submit content”
Keyword “guest post” Keyword “submit your post”
Keyword “guest blog” Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
Keyword “contributing blogger” Keyword “writers wanted”
Keyword “guest posts wanted” Keyword “guest author”
Keyword “become guest writer” Keyword “submit an article”
Keyword “become a contributor” Keyword “accepting guest posts”
Keyword “submit guest post” Keyword “accepting guest contribution”
Keyword “submit an article” Keyword “guest blogger”
Keyword “submit your content” Keyword “looking for guest posts”
Keyword “submit post” Keyword “guest contributor”
Keyword “submit blog post” Keyword “guest blogger wanted”
Keyword “become a guest blogger” Keyword “guest blog guidelines”
Keyword “become a guest contributor” Keyword “looking for guest contribution”
Keyword “guest posts required” Keyword “guest contribution guidelines”
Keyword “contribute a guest post” Keyword “send a guest post”
Keyword “submit news” Keyword “write a guest post”
Keyword “contribute guest bog” allintitle: Keyword + write for us
Keyword “contribute a guest posting” allintitle: Keyword + guest post

How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building?

In fact, if we create backlinks for our blog in the right way, then the ranking of the blog goes 10 times later, but this does not mean that as soon as the blog is created, start making backlinks, by doing this, Google will impose Penalty on your blog. And no matter how hard you try, your blog will never rank.

That is why we should not make Backlink until our blog is 1 year old.

Backlinks are not so important to rank, but if you want to increase the authority of your blog, then you must create Backlink for this, it does not mean that start making Backlink on any site and in any way. Guest posts are the most effective and natural way to make backlinks.

If you also create 5 Backlinks through Guest Post, then this will increase the overall ranking of the site. Let me tell you that backlinks are not necessary to rank the blog. I keep content to rank.