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This free online URL Rewriting Tool by Small SEO Tables is a super-efficient tool that quickly convert dynamic URLs into static looking html URLs with just a single click.

About Static and Dynamic Websites

As the Internet became very popular, the business of the website also started, as I have been told earlier that the website is a means of storing information and displaying it in a systematic manner, which with the help of browser / browser, you can access the web page. /web page is visible! The trend of website has increased in schools, colleges, universities, companies, organizations and business establishments, etc., due to which information is being exchanged easily and information is being delivered at a fast pace. In which news channel / news channel etc.

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio/ Video
  • Flash
  • Etc. 

come together, which are helpful in building a website. Websites are of two types from the point of view of use and convenience, one is static / permanent and dynamic / temporary static websites, the information is shown in the web page, but Such information remains constant, they do not change, as if there is a web site of a hostel which provides rooms and which has special facilities for living, eating and sports and studies, then the type of rooms in such a web page, the facilities given in it, There will be information such as playground, kitchen and reading places, but when will there be some change in these, when the design has to be changed, the information will remain the same, the information will not be changed unless the web site builder wants the exact opposite in the website of the college. 

The information part will remain static but if there are links like result and download and registration then it will be called dynamic! For example, if you want to see the result by going to the website of the college, then it will ask you for your roll number, you will submit it by filling the roll number, then saving your result in the database / database will show the web page, but since it is on your computer according to your roll number, you will get the web page. 

Information is showing on the page, think at the same time another internet user is seeing a different result by entering another roll number through this website, so this is a dynamic website, the information on it comes from the database and keeps on changing! One more thing, if a news link is given in such a site, then the news of today's date will come first, tomorrow this link will show the changed news!

Dynamic V/s Static websites

  • It is easy to make a static site, but since a dynamic site is functional, it cannot be said to be easy!
  • You need a knowledgeable web developer to update a static site, while updating a dynamic site is usually easier!
  • Static websites are cheaper to host because the database is very important, hosting such websites in dynamic websites is a bit more expensive!
  • Information / Information remains permanent in static, while information keeps changing in dynamic website like a website giving weather information!
  • People do not like to visit static websites again and again, while dynamic websites are very capable of attracting people to themselves!

Example of a dynamic URL

This free online URL Rewriting Tool by Small SEO Tables is a super-efficient tool that quickly convert dynamic URLs into static looking html URLs with just a single click.

Example of the above dynamic URL Re-written using this tool

Benefits of Rewriting URLs

  • They are simple to bookmark
  • Static URLs are much simple to note for end users
  • They perform better in search engines as well as may improve your search positions

Advantages of Static Websites

  • Cheaper to develop
  • More Affordable to host
  • Quick to develop

Disadvantages of Static Websites

  • Content can stagnate
  • Provides basic information only
  • Requires web expertise to update

Advantages of Dynamic Websites

  • Allows users and visitors to interact easily
  • Easier to update
  • Website provides more functionality

Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites

  • Costly to develop
  • Costly to host

Static URLs rank better than dynamic URLs.

  • Static URLs are user-friendly
  • Static URLs tend to rank better than dynamic URLs
  • They are easier to index

Difference between Static and Dynamic Web Pages

STATIC WEBSITE cannot be changed repeatedly while running on the Internet, whereas in DYNAMIC WEBSITE any type of change can be done repeatedly while running on the Internet.

Any type of animation and effect is not seen in STATIC WEBSITE, whereas in DYNAMIC WEBSITE a lot of animation and effect is seen.

To create a STATIC WEBSITE, we only need to have knowledge of basic level web language like - HTML, CSS, whereas to create a DYNAMIC WEBSITE, we need to have knowledge of higher web language like - PHP, .NET, JAVA SCRIPT.

There are no more functions in STATIC WEBSITE, whereas DYNAMIC WEBSITE has a lot of functions added.

STATIC WEBSITE is made very easily, while making DYNAMIC WEBSITE is a very difficult task.

To make a STATIC website, a person has to spend a very small amount of time and money, while to make a DYNAMIC website, a person has to spend more time and more money.

No kind of limitation can be imposed on the user in STATIC WEBSITE, whereas in DYNAMIC WEBSITE, a lot of limitation can be set for the user.