What is Guest Posting?

If you submit a post on someone else’s blog. And the owner of that blog publishes that post on his blog. So your post will be called Guest Post for that blog. This is actually an SEO Technique, which is used for Link Building.

That is, you get High Quality Do Follow Backlink through Guest Post. Which helps in bringing traffic to your blog and improving rank. But despite this, some bloggers do not consider guest posting to be correct. Because this affects the SEO of the blog.

Actually Guest Post has a direct impact on the SEO and Ranking of the blog. You can understand it through this example. Suppose A submitted a guest post on B’s blog, in which A created a Do Follow Backlink to page-C of his blog.

Now suppose that later on A starts posting wrong things on his blog. And replaces Page-C with a Spam Page. So it will have a very negative effect on B’s blog. And if B does not pay attention to this immediately then the ranking of his blog will fall.

This is the negative aspect of guest posting. Now let’s talk about the positive side. That is, the benefits of guest posting.

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