Best Software for Windows 10: Top Picks for PC Users

Explore the top software options for Windows 10 PCs, including PC maintenance tools, security software, productivity apps, entertainment programs, and more. Find the perfect software to enhance your Windows 10 experience and boost your productivity today!

BEST Software & Programs for Windows 10 PC

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. Adobe Reader for Windows 10
  3. Affinity Designer
  4. AnyDesk
  5. CorelDraw
  6. Digsby
  7. Folder Lock
  9. Gilisoft Privacy Protector
  10. Google Drive
  11. HubStaff
  12. IObit Protected Folder
  13. Inkscape
  14. LibreOffice
  15. McAfee
  16. Microsoft Defender
  17. Movie Maker 10
  18. NortonLife
  19. OpenShot
  20. PuTTY Windows 10
  21. Realtek Audio HD Manager
  22. Rufus for Windows
  23. Slack
  24. Spotify
  25. Transcode 360
  26. VLC Media Player
  27. VirtualBox Windows 10
  28. WinRAR
  29. WinZip
  30. Windows Photo Viewer
  31. Workfront
  32. Zoom


In conclusion, the list provides a diverse range of software options catering to different needs and preferences of Windows 10 users. From PC maintenance and security tools to productivity and entertainment software, there are options for various tasks and interests.

It’s essential for users to prioritize security when installing external programs and to choose reputable sources for downloads. Additionally, while Windows offers built-in applications, external software often provides additional features and customization options that may better suit users’ needs.

Ultimately, the decision to use external programs over built-in options depends on individual preferences and requirements. Users should explore the available software options and select the ones that best meet their needs for a seamless and productive computing experience on Windows 10.

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